Nov.16, 2011

This is probably the single greatest cosplay I have ever seen, believe it or not. It has transformed from games to reality by 3D printer. The level of detail is insane.

This Dark Knight armor of Cecil Harvey is made by artist NeilBomBad, and it took him around 8 months making it. 

The Dark Knight armor of Cecil Harvey is the captain of the Red Wings and main hero of the classic SNES game Final Fantasy IV.

NeilbomBad has put a lot of detail and crafting process on making such a piece. He uses his knowledge of 3DS Max, modeling skills and then printed the armor with ABS plastic using his 3D printer. The printing was by 64 prints and it took 500 hours, with a lot of patience.

He then coated the parts with black ABS glue to fill in the gaps and strengthen the parts. Following by hours and hours of sanding, priming, painting and coating, he finally brought the armor to reality.

(Photos by Joseph Chi Lin)

Check out here for more details and pictures. You can also find NeilBomBad on and  

Source: CosBlog

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