Nov.18, 2011

Philips spinoff Shapeways has acquired an investment of $ 5.1 million. Shapeways offers an online marketplace where 3D designers and consumers can print their products and upload/download, sell/buy 3D printed products.

Shapeways users can design/find a product online and Shapeways use 3D printing technology to print using materials like plastic, silver, ceramic or nylon.

Existing investors Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures has again injected money into Shapeways project. Next to this investment, the Dutch company is also gotten a loan commitment of $1.2 million from NYC Investment Fund. Shapeways has already raised $5 million last year.

The plan is a new production site to be started next year in New York. This means that the delivery time will be shorter and cost will be lower for many customers. The ultimate plan is to produce a global network and keep the costs and delivery times as low as possible.

Shapeways has become a marketplace where 3,500 "stores" have opened their doors by 3D designers. With Shapeways' program, each user can make changes to a product. They have over 100,000 members and 30,000 products are printed monthly. There are now more than 300,000 product designs on Shapeways. In the community of Shapeways 3D designers can upload their own design. They decide whether other members can download free designs or how much they should pay for it.

Shapeways is trying to bring 3D printing to a wider consumer group. Consumers can product their own unique product.

Source: Shapeways

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