Nov.23, 2011

Formlabs Inc., just started up and has not yet a website, has already raised $500,000 initial funding. The funding plan was to raise $1.5 million, according to federal documents.

Formlabs is developing low-cost but high quality 3D printer that every home can afford to buy and make 3D objects. Designers, makers and everyone can just press the print button and the printer will do the rest for you.

Formlabs is a Cambridge-based company that was just set up last month, according to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website.

The investors of Formlabs include:

Joi Ito: Director of MIT Media Lab, Co-Founder of Digital Garage, Ex-CEO Creative Commons, Investor in: Flickr, Kongregate, Kickstarter, Twitter, Technorati,

Mitch Kapor(Referrer): Founder of Lotus Software, founding investor in UUNET, co-founder of EFF, founding investor in Real Networks, founding Chair of Mozilla Foundation.

Freada Kapor Klein

Accroding to Angelist, there are also two unconfirmed investors:

Stephen DeBerry: Partner at Kapor Capital and founder at Bronze Investments.

Ross Fubini: Advisor at Kapor Capital for seed/A investments. Advisor Palantir, Facebook Causes,.. Founded Cubetree, sold to SuccessFactors. Fmr exec SYMC, Tellme, Netscape

Team members and Co-Founder from Formlabs are Maxim Lobovsky and David Cranor.

Maxim Lobovsky: Co-Founder, Formlabs. Leader in at-home 3D printing since its infancy with the Fab@Home and FabLab projects. M.S. MIT Media Lab.

David Cranor: Co-Founder, Formlabs. Hacker, maker, fablabber. M.S. MIT Media Lab.

Other information is not available at the moment.

Source: Angelist

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