Nov.25, 2011

Makerbot has just launched Remote Control Cars, Dynamos and a Windup Robot - 3 open source toy kits for your 3D printers.

MakerBot projects is an ongoing collection of kits for Makerbot 3D printer owners to make possible everything.

Simply get the kits and print out the parts from thingiverse and assemble. No soldering is needed. Till end of Monday Makerbot are offering a special deal for this weeknd. Buy two (the Botmobile and the Dynamo) and get one free (windup walkers).

The MakerBot Botmobile is the first open source remote control car. It’s got a great 12 volt motor, a 2 channel radio controller, a tiny servo for steering, rubber racing tires; all rolled into a a ready-to-go kit.

The MakerBot Dynamo is a wonderful project that shows how hand motion is converted into electrical energy. The kit comes with a toy motor, 3 metal screws and 3 large bright LEDs.

The MakerBot Windup Walker pack comes with 5 barebones windup feet, ready to start walking.

Source: Makerbot

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