Nov.26, 2011

In beginning of November PP3DP released the upgraded UP! 3d printer, which they have updated main board, CPU board, an Led light, and the platform and related parts. They have also added an initialize switch, one power on/off switch and a cover for the extruder head.

But what about the owners with old UP! 3d printers?

PP3DP came up with a solution. They launched an upgrade kit for older PP3DP owners. Instead of buying a new printer the old Upers can buy a full set of upgrade kit with low price. 

What parts are included in the upgrade kit:

  • One NEW motherboard, integrated stepper driver boards, 20V output, unified power supply, requires only one 24V power supply.
  • One upgraded CPU board
  • Front metal with switch slot, integrated power switch, initial switch & LED power indicator light.
  • SD memory card
  • 6 upgraded cable connectors

The extrude head cover and upgraded wind barrier, as well as the switch box can be downloaded and printed by any UP! 3d printer.

At Thingiverse site user 3DPrintingSystems has uploaded .stl file for UP! 3D Printer Upgrade switch box, can be downloaded here.

How much does the upgrade kit cost? 100$ (plus shipping). Upers need to send back old electronics, such as main board, CPU board, stepper drivers and get new electronics back.

To buy the upgrade kit, UPers should firstly send back to us their old motherboard, CPU board, 4 stepper drivers & SD card, and cover the cost of shipping back. Please make sure contact us before sending back the old parts back to us. PP3DP will cover the shipping cost shipping the upgrade kit back to users. -- PP3DP

The only drawback to this upgrade process is your waiting time for sending back the old electronics and your new electronics being sent to you.

So do it when you don't have ongoing projects for your 3D printer at hand. And, take some photos before you send - for a memory or for a proof.

Below is a A test run of the Up! pp3dp 3D printer after the motherboard upgrade from an Uper.

--"Seems that the motor movements are smoother/quieter probably due to enhanced microstepping, the LED is a dual colour LED and the switches seem quite handy."

Source: PP3DP

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Hello I have an UP 3D printer. Model 3DP-14-4A Could I please start the process for a replacement upgrade kit. Also, I am in Scotland, is this a problem?



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