Nov.29, 2011

Dutch company Materia Jewelery announced the winners of the 3D printing Jewelery Contest. Dutchman Gerard Mekenkamp won the first prize with his design of the 3D-printed bracelet 'Trapped Beauty'.

Materia Jewelery is holding exhibition “Materia goes 3D Printing” from 8 September 2011 – 18 January 2012. Part of “Materia goes 3D printing” is the international jewelery competition. For the competition the jury received 91 submissions from designers around the world.

The assignment was to design jewelry using Polyjet from Objet and materials from PolyJet 3D printing technology. Winners are selected on the basis of innovation and aesthetics in their design and creative use of the 3D technology.

The design from winner will be 3D printed and exhibited in in the Materia Inspiration Centre together with euro 500 prize.

The bracelet from Mekenkamp has the shape that can only be made with Polyjet 3D technology. The bracelet has several cuts in different places in the band. Under these cuts, a new "form" is made that allow this part of the bracelet to roll back and forth.

Dutch company Hunk Design won the second prize with the design of Tradaball necklace. The lines of this necklace represents the trade routes between different places in the world in the twentieth century. As the second place of the contest Hunk Design won a prize of three hundred euros.

The third prize went to the Czech designer Tjech Vit Jan with his design for a necklace, which is called "Sort of slimy". The inner side of the necklace is soft and it forms a shape with hard outside. Tjech Vit Jan received a cash prize of one hundred euros.

(photo credit: Materia)

All winning designs will be exhibited in the Materia Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam.

Via Architectenweb

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