Nov.30, 2011

3D Systems EuroMold 2011 - Experience in 3D

3D Systems Corporation just launched its new ProJet 1000 personal 3D printer. This printer makes high-resolution, durable plastic parts accessible and affordable to educators, students and professionals alike.

According to news release, this ProJet 1000 is priced at $10,900. It is on display on 3D systems' booth at Euromold. 

It prints high-resolution durable plastic parts right in the office or classroom. This printer delivers ivory-colored, snap-fit, plastic parts with fine feature detail and smooth surface finish at print speeds over three times faster than other 3D printers in its class, according to the company.
To celebrate it, 3D Systems invites all attendees to its "Experience in 3D" display, where together with Geomagic, Microsoft Kinect and DEMAT, the company has an interactive 3D consumer experience in store. Lucky visitors can win a personal model of their visage.

3D Systems 3D experience time lapse - A timelapse of printing on the Bits From Bytes Touch at the "Express yourself in 3D" stand at Euromold 2011. 

Objet Geometries at EuroMold 2011 

Sam Green (Creative and Content Manager, Objet) made a first video at EuroMold 2011 and at the Objet stand, including a look at some of the amazing 3D models and prototypes on display.

Jonathan Jaglom (VP Sales Operations, Objet) shows some of the applications created in the company's new ABS-like Digital Material, inluding a full-size, functional 3D printed car dashboard, 3D printed injection molding plates and 3D printed skateboard.

Avi Cohen (Head of Medical and Dental Solutions, Objet) shows some of digital dental models and parts printed on Objet 3D printers, including the new Objet Bio-Compatible transparent material and a range of surgical guides, aligners and models for orthodontic and dental applicaitons.

Sam Green explains how this concept lamp was created on the Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer. All parts of the lamp were created in a single print job - with no assembly involved.

The video shows AlphaCAM which is simple, fast and powerful. (3D engraving on3Dsurface formationsin3 + 2axes)

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