Dec.2, 2011

The London-based design studio Berg announced a fun gadget, that you can print receipt-sized personal newspaper and notes at home.

Named "Little Printer", this compact, inkless, thermal printer is wirelessly hooked up to a box, which plugs into your broadband router. The printer connects to any smartphone with zero configuration through the box. When you choose various web content through a smartphone, Little Printer will pull them from internet and store them temporarily. All you need to do is to press the print button at the top of the printer. Then you get your home version Google news. You can tape it to refrigerators, on the walls or tuck it in your wallet, anywhere you like, you can scribble on it, or tear it and give it to a friend.

Up to now Little Printer is already in partnership with Google, the Guardian, Nike, Arup and foursquare.

Behind Little Printer is a new technology from Berg Studio which connect and control wireless products in the home, and they call it BERG Cloud. BERG Cloud works as the nervous system for connected products, it can be a path to other mobile-dependent devices.

The body of Little Printer is made from a high-gloss injected molded plastic with a brushed steel faceplate, which is designed for holding and framing the paper.

According to Berg's blog, the Little Printer "lives in your front room and scours the web on your behalf, assembling the content you care about into designed deliveries a couple of times a day".

Little Printer will be available for order in 2012. More info on the Little Printer is available at the Berg website.

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