Dec.5, 2011

A brand new personal 3D printer has emerged on the scene, Pennsylvania-based Fablicator. The company web site currently lists their first product: fully assembled Fablicator 3D printer.

Unlike any other in it's price range, Fablicator has a rigid extruded aluminum frame that you can literally stand on the machine while it is printing, and it doesn't warp in a humid environment. The precise filament deposition makes the surface imperfections much fewer.

The company behind Fablicator is KL Services group Inc. based out of Allentown, PA in USA. It is a family company which engages mainly in functional testers, contract PCB assembly services, design services, and process consulting. 

The very first print they made was on April 1, 2011 on a hand cut Mendel looking machine. Since then they've gone through 6 major design iterations, and have tested almost all of the existing mechanical solutions. Every new printer has been printed on the previous generation and got improved. The company has accumulated rich practical experience with their spirit of pursuing continuous improvement.

The Fablicator's current quality is owed largely to it's rigidity and well thought out mechanical design. They use 12mm linear bearings for all the axis, and properly tensioned continuous belts to minimize vibration and deflection.

The final product is fully assembled with an integrated computer running Windows 7, so calibrating the machine and troubleshooting software drivers is never a problem for the user.

The build area is 7x7x7inch (178x178x178mm), and they use a unique reusable Borosilicate glass build surface that parts can stick firmly when building, but release with ease when bed has cooled. It can print with PLA and ABS filament with any diameter from 1.65mm - 1.8mm.

At the moment they offer one model of personal 3D printer. If customers are satisfied with the first model, there will be new versions in the next 6-12 months.

The Fablicator is expected to be on the market by end of January or beginning of Feb 2012. The quoted price is around US$3000 with integrated computer and software.

Here are parts made by the Fablicator:

(images courtesy of Fablicator)

Via: Fablicator

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Justine Haupt wrote at 10/26/2013 5:42:45 AM:

We've been using our Fablicator since early summer now and have been extremely happy with it. I use a Makergear M2 at home but Fablicator really has it beat. It just works; never have to re-level the bed or prime the extruder, and the platform is exceptionally rigid. Regarding the other posters comment ("adsf"), I'm quite sure that first photo IS a print straight out of the printer without a finishing operation. I think we would have to spend more than $10K on a Stratasys to get better quality out of an FDM machine.

adsf wrote at 2/5/2012 3:45:23 AM:

Highly doubt that first photos was printed on this printer. That is unless it was sanded and treated.

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