Dec.9, 2011

Jeremy, a computer engineer in Pittsburgh made a Kinect Stand to mount his kinect right to his laptop. He programed a 3D modeling using free software OpenSCAD. After a few attempts he managed to print it out using a Makerbot Cupcake 3D printer. The size of the kinect stand is almost the same size as the build platform, and it took him almost 1.5 hour to print.  

Anyone can download his source code and model at Thingiverse, but remember to adjust the values for your own laptop since the default values are for a unibody Macbook Pro.

Remember not to lean back your screen too far since the kinect has its own weight and that can pull down the monitor. 

(photo credit: Jeremy Herrman)

This is an interesting and practical example from a 3D printer. This looks like our life in future that we can imagine, you need something you then design and print it out wherever a 3D printer stands. I am not saying you go to print out a washing machine soon but for small stuff like this, 3D printer definitely brings an easier life to us.

Source: Jeremy Herrman

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