Dec.12, 2011

3D printing often surprises me with complicated and strange printed objects, and when I look at these gear systems below, I wonder what they can be used for. Nevertheless, they are stunning and cool.

1. Cube gear 

Thingiverse user dougc314 made beautiful cube gears which fold and unfold constantly driven by a motorized pedestal. 

This cube gear is originally inspired by the papercraft sculpture of Haruki Nakamura in 2008: the Cube gear.

2. Brain gear machine

This device was printed out using a 3D printer. No assembly required!

3. Möbius gear

The Möbius gear by Aaron Hoover is a combination of the Möbius mathematical surface popularized by M.C. Escher and functional mechanical gear elements. So it is puzzling! The base was fabricated on a Stratasys fused deposition (FDM) machine and took approximately 86 hrs. to finish.

The “spur” gears were molded in silicone rubber using a two-part mold printed on a 3D Systems wax deposition machine (ThermoJet). The central Möbius strip was also molded using molds printed on the 3DS machine. The Möbius strip was molded as a single linear strip then twisted and the ends were rejoined in a “guiding” mold and additional rubber was poured into that mold to bond the two ends together and form a single continuous ring.

4. Gear painting

The gear painting we have featured before, an inspiring gear painting made on eMaker Huxley 3D printer

5. 3D Printed OCTA gear

Shapeways user JSP Math Designs made this beautiful gear mechanism. 

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