Dec.19, 2011

(photo: Iris van Herpen)

Is it art? Yes, and it is also fashion. The rise of 3D printing technology is unstoppable and has already reached the catwalk.

3D printing is the fastest growing technology that people embrace in such a short time. The idea is also critical: you draw something and a 3D printer print it out for you. 3D printer allows you to do anything you want, in the artistic angle it is a helpful feature to get the most beautiful creations and it helps speeding up the design process.

27-year-old Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen designed her Capriole collection with a digital editing program and made with a laser machine. "All the pieces were created by sophisticated techniques. I can not do by hand', said the young designer.

In her Capriole collection, she worked with the architect Isaie Bloch and MGX and presented five architectural looking made of mix of 3D print and fabric materials.

It's not the first time that fashion comes from the 3D printer - the first time 3D printed fashion showed on the runway was in 2010. Iris van Herpen showed her "Crystallization" collection At Amsterdam International Fashion Week in July 2010 with a 3D printed piece. 

In the same period Designer Jiri Evenhuis, together with Janne Kyttanen of Freedom of Creation created the first piece of textiles with 3D printer. The technology not only provides the unique textile which is Eco and flexible, but also saves materials, labor and fabrication time.

Designer Marloes ten Bhömer is famous for her futuristic, minimalist, chopped-up shoes. She uses the Objet Eden 500V™ 3D Printer for creating her Rapidprototypedshoe which are built up from microscopic layers of two different materials that allow the shoes to be both hard and flexible at the same time.

Brazilian shoe designer Andreia Chaves prototype a pair of endoskeleton wedges and covering them with geometric mirrors. It is all handmade in Italy by a fusion of leather-making techniques and advanced 3D printing.

In September 2011, Sculptural Garments show from Amelia Agosta was held on a Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. They made a template in 3D modeling software and printed out using 3D Systems new sPro Selective Laser Sintering machine.

During the Drie Dwaze Dagen, the 3 crazy days for sale in dutch retail chain Bijenkorf, Amsterdam design studio Freedom Of Creation (FOC) has sold nine Rapman 3.1 3D printers for the introductory price of 1,247 euros in all Bijenkorf stores, plus jewelry made live on site.

We can write seemingly endless list of examples here, the possibilities of rapid prototyping is endless.

Previously, only sleek and flowing shapes is possible to be made with 3D printers, but nowadays even organic shapes and natural forms can be printed. The technology is successfully used and is unstoppable. It is becoming reliable and easy to use. For designers it is important that the technology provides more possibilities in ideas and materials, and for customers it is important to be involved in the development process and save their time and money working with 3D printing technology.

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