Dec.21, 2011

Josh Topolsky from visited Microsoft labs and made a video in Microsoft's model shop, where hardware prototypes for keyboards and other devices are designed and created. The very interesting part is, those prototypes are made using 3D Printers, CNC Machines and Paint Guns. In Microsoft's model shop, when a designer finishes his work and submits before 5pm, he can get the prototype printed out a 3D printer the following morning.

Check out the video below that Karsten Aagaard, user experience designer in Microsoft, explains how they utilize the 3D printer to print out a wrench in 35 minutes and a mouse in 3 hours using different materials. Afterwards all they need to do is to insert electronics inside the printed prototypes and test their functionality. This saves tremendous time and money comparing to the traditional way of making prototypes.

Let's hope the next invention we shall expect coming out a 3D printer is the electronics...

In the next video Josh Topolsky shows a longer version of his tour in Microsoft research. It is a peek inside Microsoft research and it is pretty cool to follow the tour with him.

via theverge

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