Jan.5, 2012

(image courtesy of Karl Stiefvater)

Artist Karl Stiefvater made this special and creative Christmas present for his wife, a snow globe with a tiny copy of their home inside. So lovely!

If you like to have such a snow globe for your own house, you can follow Stiefvater's instructions that he describes in details. For example:

1. Order a custom snowglobe kit from Ebay.

2. Grab a picture of your house from Google map.

3. Use photo match tools from Google’s Sketchup to build a 3D model.

4. Duplicate your model in Maya and apply the textures with the transfer maps tool.

5. Use Photoshop or Maya to repaint the textures, add refraction to the globe, or build a snowy hill, trees for your house and render.

6. Export from Maya as an OBJ file and import into meshlab and re-export as an X3D file.

7. Send your X3D file to 3D printing service company such as Shapeways.

In 2~3 weeks you will get your model, Stiefvater suggests to coat your model with a waterproof sealant to prevent the color from bleeding; and to use water and bleach to kill any future algae. you can find all useful tips on his site.  

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