Jan.6, 2012

3D printing is becoming more prevalent in the design and fashion industry, designers Chloe McCormick and Nicholas O'Donnell-Hoareand collaborated to create these 3D printed tapestry glasses. These needlework-embellished eyeglasses are probably one of the most quirky and charming example of 3D printing so far. 


The initial samples is designed in Rhino and each frame is laser-sintered on an EOS P100 printer using nylon powder. Like most 3D printed objects, these tapestry glasses are customizable. The frame includes a grid of holes through which you can weave thread in and out. You can weave your own favourite pattern of colored yarns into them. This is perfect for personalizing your one-a-of-kind piece.

“After witnessing the amazing invention of Joshua Silver’s onsite prescription liquid lenses we felt that they could go one step further. Through designing the frames to be hand customised to fit the culture and surrounding in which they sit, we have embarked on a journey to design a pair of spectacles that could change the way we connect with our items.” says McCormick.

These tapestry glasses will be exhibited as part of “Send to Print/Print to Send” at the Aram Gallery in London from Jan 13 to Feb 25.

Via chloe-mccormick & fashioningtech

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