Jan.11, 2012

3d printed puzzleDo you love playing Rubik's Cube or solving puzzles? Then you will definitely love this: The Multidodecahedron puzzle. It is a combination of the Master Pentultimate and Megaminx. They are linked together so when you do a face turn on the one, the corresponding face of the other one is also turned.

3d printed puzzle

Tom van der Zanden, a Dutch puzzle designer and Rubik's Cube lover, designed the Multidodecahedron puzzle in SolidWorks. He 3D printed all 197 pieces on Shapeways using white strong and flexible 3D printing material. After getting all the parts from Shapeways he assembled them together - plus extra 12 M3 screws, small size washers and little springs that he bought online.

The final step is to add 312 stickers on the puzzle. The assembly process is straight forward, probably the most tiring part will be adding the stickers on the inner layer. Anyhow you can watch from the video below the turning from an assembled Multidodecahedron puzzle is actually pretty smooth.

This is definitely an phenomenal 3D printed puzzle that challenges your brain! Again, it is a great puzzle showing the power of 3D printing and fantastic mechanism. I am wondering how difficult it is to solve this weird twisty puzzle...

Below are a few photos of Multidodecahedron puzzles 3D printed with white strong and flexible and black strong and flexible material.

You can purchase Multidodecahedron puzzle and many other puzzles at Tom's shop here and here.


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