Jan.13, 2012

makerbot the replicatorSince the new Makerbot is unveiled in CES2012 it's easy to see how much attention the Replicator has captured around the world. We're curious which objects out of Replicator Makerbot chose to bring to CES?

Here they are: robot, spaceship, astraunaut and zombies.

makerbot the replicator 3d objects

makerbot the replicator 3d objects

makerbot the replicator 3d objects

(photo credit: gizmodo,theverge,makezine)

Big smile! The replicator is kind of toy too - even though the price $1749 is not that cheap for a toy, but a built-in LCD panel up front for easily monitoring the build, a SD card slot for uploading your stl file directly, a control pad next to the screen for easily starting the printer, two colors printing, all reflect one design theme: a 3D printer easy to control and 3D print toys, cookie cutters, Christmas ornaments that even your children and your mother-in-law can easily press buttons and make stuff. The previous versions of Makerbot requires pretty much time and skills to assemble them at home, that is a drawback for the common consumers. The new model updates the previous in a few other ways - a MightyBoard single-piece motherboard and a 5 axis, 1/16 micro-stepping motor control, a LCD panel and controller, and it can be accessed via Linux, Windows, and OSX operating systems. Because all units come preassembled, all you need to do is loading up your STL file, and clicking "print"!

makerbot the replicator 3d objects


Via gizmodo & theverge

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