Jan.20, 2012

The best partner for a high-precision 3D printer is a 3D scanner which can build high-resolution 3D models of any objects. Here we have one: a digitally-scanning "reconstruction sphere".

orcam 3D scanner

Scientists at the Germany's Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and engineers of the NEK Ltd. have been working on the project "OrcaM" (Orbital Camera System), a giant automated 3D scanner which builds 3D models of any objects automatically. In the OrcaM reconstruction sphere, object is photographed simultaneously with seven cameras and projector and spotlights are used to capture the object's pattern. This technique ensures the objects are captured from all directions without being touched. Objects as wide as 80cm and as heavy as 100kg can all be placed into its maw and scanned with detailed color and texture.

orcam reconstruction sphere

The OrcaM reconstruction sphere transfers real objects into a high-quality digital file which is accurate down to the submillimeter. It is specially useful for creating virtual museums, digitally preserving valuable cultural assets, transferring a handmade objects into a digital representation and in addition the 3D models can be used in computer games, movies, presentations and internet.


This is what you can use at home: take all objects you care but are fragile and have them scan to digital copy. Once you break it you simply take the 3D models to a 3D printing service store to make another one.


Watch the video below how the OrcaM reproduces the texture and reflections.

Via theverge & NEK

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