Jan.21, 2012

MONOCIRCUS is a startup online store and design laboratory in Japan launched in December 2011. MONO is 'things' in Japanese, CIRCUS='space' , in Monocircus they design and create things for daily life, fashion accessories, toys, interior design and architecture.

Monocircus is founded by kazu and shing, a husband & wife team. They have been performing some smart and cute 3D printing experiments, with an Ultimaker 3D printer.

One adorable design is a customized photo frame with 3D printed drawing made by children.

monocircus ultimaker 3d printing

If you send them a drawing made by your child, either a photo or a scanned image, monocircus can adjust the thickness of the linework, the pressure of the pencil marks, or the textured result of crayons to render a 3D model in a best result. Then in this example they uses brown plastic material and print it out on a Ultimaker 3D printer which takes around 2 hours. After printing and cleaning up, the objects are adhered to the acrylic sheet of the photo frame. This is a great gift for the family to keep physical record of children's inspirational moment.

monocircus ultimaker 3d printing

monocircus ultimaker 3d printing

monocircus ultimaker 3d printing

This is another example of a photo frame they made for siblings Hina and Shyo, a 9 year-old-girl and a 5 year-old-boy as their Christmas present.

monocircus ultimaker 3d printing monocircus ultimaker 3d printing

Enjoy below a few 3D printing experiments did by Monocircus:

First test of an elephant made by Ultimaker, 2.5 hours

A series of 3D printed rings:

First 3D printed two colored object: a little guy sitting on a little hill by a pool.

(image courtesy of monocircus)

Since the price for 3D printing keeps dropping designers come up with more and more elegant designs and practical applications. 3D printing gives designers the opportunity to make a lot more iterations of the design, and they take full advantage of the technology.

We wish Monocircus all the success.

More about Kazu and Shing:

Kazunori Takeishi: first-class registered architect
1979 born in Fukui, Japan
2002 graduated from Tokyo National University of Art and Music, Japan
2004 graduated from the Masters program at Cranbrook Academy of Art, MIchigan

Lim Shing Ee: artist
1976 born in Singapore
1998 graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
2002 graduated from the Masters program at Musashino Art University, Japan


Source: monocircus.com

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