Jan.21, 2012

quantum ord bot 3d printer

Inspired by Kickstarter Printrbot 3D printer, bdring(Barton Dring) decided to try a similar concept using Makerslide. Makerslide is Bdring's earlier project of a linear bearing system for home built CNC equipment which successfully raised its funding goal in Jun. 2011. Bdring made this ORD bot 3D printer platform with MakerSlide structure and linear bearing. The current build platform is 135 x 135mm, so he named it the Quantum ORD bot.

quantum ord bot 3d printer

quantum ord bot 3d printer

There are a few great features about Quantum ORD bot:

1. The design is very simple, if you want a larger build area - it can be easily changed in X,Y and/or Z by simply using different lengths of Makerslide plus belt and leadscrew lengths.

2. This new design is very cheap to build. It uses less than $60 of MakerSlide rail, wheels and idler pulleys.

3. The frame is extremely ridged. Every parts has multiple adjustable points and does not rely on the quality of any cuts.

4. This design is light (6.25 lbs) but very strong, you can stand on it or hang from it without damaging it.

If you are interested read through his blog post which gives more details of this project.

If people shows enough interests bdring might decide having about 50 sets of parts fabricated and a go at a kit. On his website buildlog.net people are responding to "The Quantum ORD bot" actively. bdring has uploaded the complete 3D design in STEP format plus a DXF of the flat parts source files to Thingiverse so feel free to download and make your own version.

quantum ord bot 3d printer

quantum ord bot 3d printer

quantum ord bot 3d printer

Source: buildlog.net

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