Jan.31, 2012

project makiboxMakiBox A6 3D Printer is now launched! Following our last report of "Makible working on $300 3D Printer" this project is finally released for funding.

This MakiBox A6 is designed to be simple, affordable and reliable. Makible wants it to be as easy as assembling an IKEA furniture. It has RepRap Roots, but what sets it apart follows:

Small size
MakiBox A6 is able to print out something that is 1/4 the size of the printer itself, but it is still only the size of a sheet of paper.

Low cost
MakiBox A6 costs $300 plus $50 in global shipping cost. This price is quoted based on a quantity of 100. That means if they can sell more, the selling price can be relatively lower. They also sell 3D printing material ABS filament for 1.75mm, 3mm and 1mm diameters, the cost will be at $20 per kilogram plus shipping.

The MakiBox is a fully enclosed design, allowing for a consistent heated printing (build) space. The motors and electronics are separate from the printing space and have an active cooling fan to draw air past them to keep them cool and working at top efficiency. The printing material fits inside of the MakiBox, so nothing sticks out, keeping things neat and compact.

Ease of Assembly
Instead of using complicated belts and pulleys, MakiBox A6 uses simple drive screws for saving cost and time for assembly and maintenance. The most parts will be pre-assembled including the extrusion head or the drive shaft coupling.

The funding starts at $350. At $350, you'll get one MakiBox A6 Kit. At $550, you'll get one full assembled and tested MakiBox A6 Kit. If you contribute $10,000, Jon, co-founder of Makible will fly to you and host an assembly workshop. There are a few funding options available for you to make a proper choice for the value.

So, if this is a project you would like to support take a look at their funding page. In the future Makible will build new addons for A6, including multi-color printing and plastic recycling, laser cutting and marking, and PCB routing. So, stay tuned!

What is Makible?

It is a Hong Kong based startup company aiming to create a community collaboration system that allows anyone to submit ideas, work together on projects and share profits. Makible was co-founded by American Jon Buford and Chinese American Nicholas Wang. Jon Buford has 10 years of experience designing and developing consumer electronics, and Nicholas Wang was responsible for creating LEGO's crowdfuning platform in Japan and has software, crowdsourcing / crowdfunding background. 

Via Makible

Thanks for the tip Nils Hitze, who is organizing a Bulkorder for Germany right now. Contact Nils Hitze if you are interested in this action.


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