Feb.7, 2012

wedding 3d printed wedding coupleSwedish startup Your 3D Print Sweden AB is providing personalized 3D printed cake decoration for wedding couples. They take at least 9 digital photos from the couple and convert it to a 3D model. Based on this 3D model they can make 120mm (4") high miniature as cake toppers. Since the miniature is directly from the digital images the similarity is striking!

The 3D printer that Your 3D Print Sweden AB uses to create lovely miniatures is a Z corporation printer. They use plastic material to 3D print figures in color. The colors are taken directly from photographs for 3D design. So how exactly is the miniature made? The 3D printer puts down a layer of gypsum composite powder followed by a water-based glue, which solidifies into the miniature's form when it comes in contact with the powder, as well as layers of color. This process repeats until the final figure emerges.

wedding y3dp 3d printingAfter the printing, an expert artist gently brushes and cleans the figure from gypsum powder, as if on an archaeological dig. Then the figure is dipped in a kind of glue to get stronger and the color could get more prominent. Finally Each figure is packed in a specially designed box waiting for delivery.

The figure can be easily mounted on the cake. For protecting it from direct contacts with the cake, a mounting plate is attached by adhesive tape. After the wedding, take away the plastic and the miniature figure can be placed on bookshelf as a lovely decoration.

"The wedding industry is one of the largest consumer markets and we identified this niche as having high potential for 3D Printing" says Anders Sjöberg, co founder of Your 3D Print Sweden AB and Digital Mechanics.

Watch the video below to see how the miniture is made.

Via netfabb & Y3DP

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