Feb.12, 2012

Dutch designing company Van der Veer Designers has just bought an Ultimaker 3D printer. According to Van der Veer Designers, using a 3D printer could allow them to make prototypes at an earlier stage of the design process.

van der veer designers acquired ultimaker 3d printer

(photo: Van der Veer Designers)

Designers have the opportunity to see their designs come to reality through 3D printing, that's why they have become increasingly fascinated by 3D printers. That's why Asher Levine, a menswear designer who created spectacular pieces for Lady Gaga is able to come up with these special custom-made 3D printed sunglasses.


While fashion models walked on the runway 3 Makerbot Replicators were busily working behind the stage. To make the fashion show more spectacular, DJ Jet Black mixed sounds recorded from Makerbot 3D printer with electro beats.

(Photo: mtv)

At the other side of the world, London-based designer Hoon Chung presented a collection of footwear to show how far designers and fashions could go with a 3D printer.

These 3D-printed heels, wedges and flats are not only stylish and cool but also wearable.

(photo credit: arts.ac.uk)

Another London based footwear designer Victoria Spruce, a new comer in shoes' world has recently graduated with a MA in Womenswear Footwear from Royal College of Art. Her SS12 collection is a combination of finest leathers and plastic divertissement, inspired by the lines and shapes in architecture and sculpture. She Combines traditional shoe making techniques with currently 3D printing technology to create sculptural and yet easily wearable footwear. She said, "3D printing could revolutionize the way we manufacture everything".

Looking at organic shapes, Victoria decided that her creations should not be divided into upper and heel, as it happens with normal footwear, but that they should consist of a single piece molded and twisted to create the desired shape. Each piece can then be synthesized into a flowing, continuous line that springs directly from the anatomy of the foot.

How awesome it is 3D printer has helped designers creating innovative, unique and personalized pieces and take their design to the next level with 3D printing.

photo credit: victoriaspruce.com

Via mtv.com & arts.ac.uk & soma

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