Feb.13, 2012

ultimaker portable 3d printerIf you like this portable Ultimaker on batteries from 3D Printing Event during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, then you will definitely love this: a beautiful mini Ultimaker style 3D printer. Developed by inventor Brad (aka Sublime), this portable 3D printer is fully compact and printable.

portable tantillus 3d printer

Tantillus 3D printer

It has a fully self-printed case, and can print all of its own parts. Brad Uses low cost fishing wire replacing belts so that the cost can be lower. Later he plans to make it possible to daisy chain two printers together but only one set of electronics is needed, so these two printers could print out the same parts at the same time.

Named "Tantillus"(Latin for "so little, so small"), this portable mini 3D printer has same build area as a makerbot Cupcake (102mm x 102mm x 120mm, 100mm x 100mm x 110 usable) but only about half the size (200mm x 200mm x 300mm).

At this moment Tantillus is ready for testing. When the beta testing is completed, Brad will release the design files.

image credit: Ultimaker & johnbiehler

Via RepRap wiki & Sublime blog

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