Feb.18, 2012

vampire quadcopter 3d printed

If you like building things of your own I am sure you will like this - a 3D printed drone, yes you can build your own drone with your 3D printer, for sure it is more fun than buying it ready-made. Named PL1Q Vampire, this quadcopter has an awesome but simple design with affordable costs, perfect for any beginners to get started with 3D printing.

Just download the .stl files from swepet(Peter from Sweden) on Thingiverse. Peter designed the Vampire quadcopter using Google Sketchup and printed all parts out using his Ultimaker 3D printer. He has now sliced it up so it is possible to print on makerbot or other
printers with smaller build area.

He suggests to print parts using different colors for the front arms so that your can see the orientation of it when flying.

Follow up his future revisions of the quad for example placement, weight reduction(231.6g now) etc because same as other makers swepet continuous improvements in his design.

Watch his instructional video after the break.

Newly uploaded flight test video:

Source: Globalguerrillas

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Evan wrote at 3/24/2014 9:15:54 PM:

would you still happen to have the STL files for it? I would like to print the same thing, I am in a program at my high school, and we are building a spy drone, but we need to prototype to understand the physics and abilities. Thanks! If you do, please email me at cessna152man@gmail.com

maxeem wrote at 2/9/2014 1:51:20 PM:

how to conact you.. and can you please give me the desgins

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