Feb.20, 2012

The fabbster 3D printer was unveiled at the Euromold 2011 conference in Frankfurt, since then we have been waiting expectantly for their updated news and distribution.

Germany based Sintermask GmbH, The company behind the fabbster, today announced the launch of "launch customer program" to involve enthusiastic customers in future developments of their personal 3D-printer "fabbster".

The conditions for the program are pretty simple. You will receive a fabbster for 50% of the recommended sales price (that means: 500 Euros) and you'll only pay 50% for standard materials. If you test the new materials currently under development by the fabbster team, you will only pay 25% of the listed price! Same with add-ons: Sintermask offers some of their new developments for only 25%.

In return they want their launch customers to use, use, use the fabbster. Reports back to Sintermask have to be done on a regular basis, so these guys can use the data to improve the machine.

In addition Sintermask is going to deliver the machines for their launch customer two weeks before the official start of sales(distribution by resellers starts end of March 2012). If you want to be one of the first to lay hands on the fabbster, and if you love to get the chance to influence future versions of fabbster 3D printer, you can register now by filling in the application form here. There are 100 launch-customer-cases available in total, so grab your chance!


More about the fabbster 3D printer:

The fabbster is a system for rapid assembly of plastic parts. The device is supplied as a partially assembled kit in a compact box and completely mounted within about 2 hours. In addition to high quality 24V industrial electronics and the linear ball bearing guided stepper drives, the system consists of high quality fiberglass reinforced plastic parts and stainless steel rails.

The fabbster differs not only in this case from other 3D printers, but introduces a new innovative technology to melt the plastic material:

SDM- Stick Molding Deposition

The extruder is fed with sideways profiled sticks. This innovation provides more grip and a tight-fitting propulsion in contrast to slippy round filaments.

These sticks are made with plastic injection molding and thus are much more precise than the round wire used by competitors.

The result is a precise dosage of the molten mass for production of components with optimal material properties.

The sticks are automatically fed to the extruder by a supply magazine and can also be simply combined to produce a component in various colors and even materials.

Technical data of the system:

Plant size: 470mm x 470mm x 580mm
Max. building space: 230mm x 230mm x 210mm
Repeatability: <20 microns in the XY plane; <14µm in the z-layer <0.2 within the max. Design space
Max. speed: 400mm / s
Max. power: primary 350W @~110V-240V, secondary 24V
Extruder output: 70W
Extruder temperature: 25°C - 390°C (J-type measurement sensors)
Heat up time: 300°C in 30 seconds
Standard nozzle: stainless steel with 0.4 mm drill-hole

All linear axes with ball bearings on hardened D12 CoCr tours, belt driven by stepper motors (7µm @ microstepping mode)

Layer thickness: 25 micron to 400 micron (depending on material)
Accuracy: 0.1 mm or 0, 4% of the nominal size (depending on material)
Min. wall thickness: 0.7 mm (with standard nozzle 0.4 mm)
Materials: PLA, ABS (more in development)

More information can be found on their website www.fabbster.com or www.fabbster.de.


Source: fabbster


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