Feb.24, 2012

Kamermaker movable pavilion 3d print rooms

This Saturday there will be a launch and fundraising party at the Open Coop in Amsterdam for the Kamermaker, a movable pavilion that can 3D print entire rooms of plastics. At the party a film about the Kamermaker will be played and a workshop with Ultimaker and €PERMINUTEDESIGN will take place.

What is the Kamermaker? The Kamermaker is the world's first large-scale movable 3D printer, or 3D printing pavilion. Based on an enlarged 'Ultimaker' 3D printer this machine can print rooms up to size 3.0 x 2.4 x 3.0m (LxWxH) in PLA (bio plastics) as well as small interiors. Actually the KamerMaker itself is a pavilion and it can reproduce small pavilions.

Kamermaker movable pavilion 3d print rooms

The Amsterdam based KamerMaker is an initiative of DUS architects in collaboration with Ultimaker Ltd, Fablab Protospace, Open Coop, and a number of volunteer enthusiasts. The Kamermaker project is open source and all research data will be available online. Everyone is welcome to participate in the project and to improve the 3D printing technique of the KamerMaker and the design of rooms.

Kamermaker movable pavilion 3d print rooms

Kamermaker movable pavilion 3d print rooms

Kamermaker movable pavilion 3d print rooms

The KamerMaker project will be official launched in March with a one week exhibition and opening event at the Open Coop in Amsterdam.

From May 2012, the KamerMaker is open to the public 4 days a week in the afternoon. In the summer there will be a special 8-day workshop program takes places at the KamerMaker. The first 3D printed room is expected to be built in September 2012.

If you live in ther Netherlands you would like to join the party, here is the information: 25 February, 14:00~18:00 Tolhuisweg 2, Amsterdam.

The video below shows the beta design of KamerMaker:

photos credit:KamerMaker


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