Feb.24, 2012

techknight (Derek Quenneville) is one of the testers joining in the beta program for ReconstructMe, a real-time 3D scanning using the Microsoft Kinect.

For helping testing the software tool he went through the process of capturing, cleaning up the 3D model and 3D printing.

The process is very simple:

First of all, scan the object using a Kinect. Then load the model in netfabb studio basic version(free). In the image below the model is unclosed - there are some holes in the top of the head.

You need to run the basic "fix part" tool in netfabb to close the holes.

When everything is fixed you can then export and open it in ReplicatorG:

Scaled and rotated:

Below is the slicing process. It took him at least two hours using the default Skeinforge 35 settings:

The last step: 3D printing using Makerbot 3D printer:

techknight has also tried to scanned his own head using a Kinect and beta version of Reconstructme. Below is a video of his capture & print in action. Read more on the Ponoko blog. If you like to print a copy of him you can find the stl file on Thingiverse.

ReconstructMe is being developed and maintained by software engineers at PROFACTOR GmbH. It has just started the final phase of BETA, so stay tuned for more information.

photos credit: techknight


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