Feb.27, 2012

slic3r screenshotSlic3r is an amazing Gcode(what the reprap reads!) generator, it does same job as Skeinforge but it takes much shorter time to convert STL to Gcode. If Seinforge takes 30~40 minutes to convert Slic3r can process in 2~4 minutes. Slic3r is also much easier to set up. You just need to enter your nozzle size, filament diameter, and extrusion multiplier for a first print. You can save your setting and build up a library of configurations for different types of filament.

RichRap, an active member of RepRap forum, wrote a series of posts explaining how he used Slic3r for preparing STL files for 3D printing and the effects of the various parameters. It is quite worth to read them through.

Alessandro Ranellucci, developer of Slic3r has just released the new version of Slic3r, version 0.7.0. He develops Slic3r very quickly and this time there are some important updates, such as generation of support material, a new rock-solid slicing algorithm, cooling and fan control and ability to read the AMF format. Discover all new features, improvements and bugfixs on Slic3r.org.


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