Mar.3, 2012

One great thing about Kickstarter is it has exploded and given a lot of people the opportunity to make their dreams come true. Grant Miller works as customer service in the daytime, but in the evening he is designer and sculptor making toys, statues and animations.

He displayed one of his favourite 3D model on Kickstarter - The Stelliform Owl, because he thinks it a coolest and most interesting sculpture he has made. He hopes to get his art out into the world.


The inside of this cute stelliform owl is hollow and it has a particular pattern of cut out shapes. It is particularly beautiful in the evening when light shine through from an electric tea light.


Why the owl? This "stelliform" owl is made to be like a night time sentinel that could be given to illuminate the dark. The heart shape breast represents love, the swirls represent the flow and mysteries of our lives, and the stars are what we are all made from. The owls themselves represent wisdom and knowledge.

There are five versions of the Stelliform Owl: owl pendant, small, medium, large size owl and personalized large owl. As you may guess, they are all 3D printed sculptures.


Kickstarter is, at least in part, a platform for launching dreams. Grant Miller has a dream that he would work in a studio or toy company making concept designs, prototypes, or finished art, and he wants to build it into something great and life-changing for himself and his family.

Read his idea, dream and passion on Kickstarter and follow up his updates. Maybe you will find this is a step toward making that happen.


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