Mar.3, 2012

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized powerful computer that runs Linux. It has a thermometer, an acceleromter, and HDMI port, video output, SD card slot and route etc to connect to other electronic components. It has also an Ethernet port for connectivity and a simple LED for feedback.

Named the Ninja Block, it is a simple but powerful open source hardware backed by an web service called Ninja Cloud. You can use it to set up rules to trigger web services such as Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Weather and more to connect to Ninja Block.

Simply plug the Ninja Block into monitor, keyboard and mouse, operating systems and power supply, then "start"!

It takes only 15 seconds to boot. This tiny computer is designed with primary goal for people to learn programming - Ninja Cloud allows you to control your Ninja Blocks with simple "if this then that" style tasks.

With its very powerful graphic processor Ninja Block can provide high quality 3D graphics.

Ninja Block was announced two days ago and sells for only $35, and 10,000 of them were sold without some hours after its announcement.

The Shapeways community is very active with design and 3D printing a case for the Raspberry Pi. Since it is still in a very early stage so below is only a rendered image. Let's just wait for a real 3D printed prototype from Shapeways. If you would like to give the Raspberry Pi an attractive case, join the Shapeways community.

The Raspberry Pi is developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is currently taking orders for Ninja Blocks through pledges made on Kickstarter.

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TorontoKev wrote at 1/23/2014 7:45:06 PM:

Hello! This is excellent, however I think you are getting the Raspberry Pi and the Ninja Block a bit confused with each other? They are 2 seperate devices that play nicely together, but are still different things. Raspberry PI = credit card sized computer. Ninja Block = Home automation device, one flavor of which pairs with the Pi.

Jacob Marsh wrote at 3/21/2012 11:24:36 AM:

We are currently designing very unique Raspberry Pi cases. The cases will be manufactured on 3D Printers and our aim is to make our cases customisable, so that customers can make their cases unique to them.

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