Mar.6, 2012

I am often impressed with timelapses made by smooth moving DSLR cameras capturing high quality photos or high definition videos. To make a time-lapse shooting a slider dolly is useful. Compared to basic nonmoving time-lapse, having the camera on a slider dolly will make yours stand out.

Derek Mellott from Edmonton, Canada is not only a photographer but also a designer and maker. He wanted an automated slider dolly, but didn't want to pay the high cost from dolly manufacturer. He started his home project of making a slider dolly few years ago. He has built up several dollies using materials he found at home that can be transformed into useful components. He wanted to build a compact dolly which was lighter, stronger, cheaper, faster to set up and good looking.

So here is the one, his latest system: a DIY Slidetracked, 3D printed, easy-to-assembled and fully featured time lapse dolly.

Several custom parts of this dolly are created and printed using 123D and 3D printer. Such as: slidetracked slider bracket, slidetracked belt grip top, slidetracked belt grip bottom and slidetracked microswitch mount etc.

3D printed time lapse dolly

3D printed time lapse dolly

3D printed time lapse dolly

For those who wants to do it yourself to produce this time lapse dolly, Derek Mellott has placed .stl file of 3D printed parts on Thingiverse, and full build instructions on instructables.

If you like the feature but don't want to build it yourself you can get one by backing the project at indieGOGO. A complete slidetracked system with rail, including slidetracked plastic kit(3D printed parts), hardware, motor, kill switches, PWM battery, tripod risers, and pre-drilled dolly plate, will cost $450.



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Erik de Bruijn wrote at 3/6/2012 3:48:50 PM:

If only he had used the rig to show a time lapse of the 3D printer printing the time lapse rig!! This is also a very nifty kind of time lapse of a print! (no recursion here, but it IS beautiful!) Printing out math!

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