Mar.9, 2012

While 3D printing has moved from the industrial world to hobbyist circles, 3D printers are still complex and expensive machines hard to operate, especially for kids. Luckily we have Artur Tchoukanov and Joris Peels developing their Origo 3D printer that children could use existing design software, such as 3DTin or Tinkercad, print what they have imagined.

Las Vegas-based Cameron Schaefer, Shlok Vaidya and Brian Brooks think most 3D software out there is really hard to learn and are still too complex for children. So, they are building an iPad app called PotteryPrint for young kids to express their creativity.

PotteryPrint is an app that lets children use a virtual pottery wheel to create completely unique works of art that they can hold in their hands using a 3d printer.

PotteryPrint designing app aims to introduce kids to 3D printing

The app has two options. The first is a lesson-based game that teaches children about pottery techniques using an intuitive silhouette system. Each lesson presents a shaded outline of a new object to be created, and asks the child to fill in the outline using the clay. The second option is a "free-wheeling mode" that children are given unlimited clay, brushes, tools to design what they have imaged.

PotteryPrint designing app aims to introduce kids to 3D printing

PotteryPrint designing app aims to introduce kids to 3D printing

When the design is done, they can choose the option to "print" their creation. Then the process of 3D printing will be explained through video and graphics easy for them to understand. And children will love to print their own stuff! Their design can be sent to a 3D printer and printed out.

With plenty of audio and visual feedback the children can start designing almost any pottery pieces they can imagine. There's even an audience that "ooh's" and "aah's" as they complete each task, so they will never get bored.

PotteryPrint will be a simplified design interface only for children and it certainly worth to get attention. The PotteryPrint project is right now on Kickstarter, and the funding will be spent on the development of the app. If three developers get their wish, its next stop may be your child's iPad.


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