Mar.14, 2012

Inspired from the Ultimaker, Mattinv wants to build a large envelope 3D printer with same speed as Ultimaker but better accuracy at a reasonable cost.

Below is the render of the build.

Accuracy is one of his main concern for this build. Mattinv hopes while the X axis speed keeps at 250mm/s, the accuracy can be improved by having different belt driving system such as linear bearings on all 4 axis, ball screw drivers on X and Z; "double belt / pulley" system for Y as well as making extremely rigid aluminum frame. The gantry will be kept at a minimum weight with total weight around 2.45kg.

All custom parts will be made of 6mm thick aluminum plates and 95% of the parts will be "out of the shelves" or printed parts.

The 3D printer is made for ultra large prints, roughly 800 x 930 x 800mm and Mattinv hopes to keep the cost of the parts under $2900. See the cost break down below:

Currently Mattinv is working on a granule extruder along with it to replace the expensive spools. If you are interested in his work check out and follow his blog for updates on his progress.


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Me to

John wrote at 10/7/2014 7:19:52 PM:

interested in your progress on the large 3d printer build

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