Mar.14, 2012

First retail 3D printing in postal serviceThis BFB 3000 twin head 3D printer stands in the back corner of Diane's Mailroom store in Buckley, US. Diane's Mailroom provides packing, shipping, mailing and business services in the area and now they have added 3D printing services as one of the first examples of a retail 3D printing.

First retail 3D printing in postal service

Ted Griffiths, the owner of Diane's Mailroom was a clinical engineer for a company that manufactured hospital equipment. During a factory tour he noticed engineers making toys from their 3D printer. Inspired by the possibilities of 3D printing he wanted to provide services for people that they can use the 3D printer in the store to print out their design or print a new part replacing the broken one.

In his store he set up a computer station loaded with 3D modeling programs such as Blender and AutoCAD. And for $15 an hour anyone can come in the store and use the station.

"I think what we're going to see here is some Do-It-Yourself engineers who come in to work on their designs on our station," Griffith said. "And they can build the prototype right here from our 3D printer." With 3D printer he can print 3D models up to 10"x10"x10".

He expects that most orders will come from online and not out of Buckley, and he will then build from his shop and ship the designs out to the customer.

"I'm working very closely with 3D Systems," said Griffiths. "They have equipment that costs in the millions of dollars. I'm networked with them, so if anyone comes in with a really big 3D modeling job, I can just upload it to them and they'll ship it out."

First retail 3D printing in postal serviceFirst retail 3D printing in postal service

First retail 3D printing in postal service

Last Friday he got an order for a custom toy manufacturing job: a VF-12 fighter jet. His dream is to expand his 3D printing services and produce prototypes 24/7.

Imagine, such a 3D print shop will be everywhere in the future. You put in your order online or via your smart phone and then you pick it up on main street. This is already happening.


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