Mar.16, 2012

If you place a 3D Printing or CNC Routing order with Ponoko between today and March 31, 2012 you will get a chance to win a ShapeOko kit worth $175 (without electronics).

You may have heard about the ShapeOko. ShapeOko, a low cost desktop CNC machine, is named after the Shapeways 3D printing and the Ponoko laser cutting services. It was successfully funded in July on, a crowd funding website. The project received 125 backers pledged $11,078, nearly 8 times more than it's initial goal of $1,500 for funding.

ShapeOko is a fully open source 3 axis DIY CNC machine that you can build for around $300. Edward Ford, the designer behind the project has been working on this project for many years. His goal is to design an easy to assembly, fully capable machine with easy to acquire materials. He posted bill of materials which was about 335$ for a complete machine and every nut, bolt, belt is listed with part numbers and vendor list.

Edward Ford wants you to be able to get all the parts you need easily. He said, "One of the frustrations we had with other designs was the fact that you had to visit a lot of different vendors in order to get all the pieces. We didn't like that. Plus, some projects didn't have a central "released" build, which made it difficult to determine if what you were building was actually what you were expecting to build. All of that resulted in a design process built using constraints: 1 standard design with a $300 total cost using a maximum of 3 vendors." He wants you to be able to get all the parts you need easily.

ShapeOko CNC kit for 3D printing and CNC routing

Shapeoko has a working area of 8" x 8" x 3.5". It uses extruded aluminum rails from MakerSlide and custom laser-cut steel plates.

If you add an extruder ( and an appropriate set of electronics (, you've also got yourself a desktop 3D printer for about $400 more. That's around a $700 3D printer! -

ShapeOko CNC kit for 3D printing and CNC routing

On March 1, 2012 a new batch of $175 ShapeOko kits was released for purchase and very quickly they were all sold out. If you would like to be notified when kits will be available, you can subscribe to their mailing list. Or you can join Ponoko's contest maybe you are the lucky one to win.



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Nemo wrote at 7/13/2013 9:38:03 AM:

Hello to all cnc lover! I am a machinist for over 18 years and have always been a cnc enthusiasm. Just want to say.. Makerslide is a wonderful product. It's a dream come true to all inventors ShapeOko is cute! Edward has an amazing idea. I am currently working with makerslide, trying to utilize a different technique without using those roller delrin bearing. My goal is to use makerslide and build a cnc machine that is capable of accuracy and the ability to seriously remove metal. I too would like to have my own product and see if people are interested once my project is completed.

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