Mar.19, 2012

Human hand has complex muscular and skeletal structure and for centuries makers have tried to copy the human hand as an inspiration for engineering innovations.

Thingiverse user hairygael is working on hand robot InMoov and most parts are 3D-printed on a 3D Touch. He did a great write up on the instructions. If you have a 3D printer, some building skills, follow his progress and instructions - you will find it is not so difficult to create your own model.

3D printed Hand Robot InMoov

He began with building up a right hand, it was printed on a 3D Touch in ABS and designed in Blender. The 3D printing lasts 13~14 hours and the result is satisfactory. The files were uploaded to Thingiverse for anyone to download and if you can make derivative of his work it will be the best reward he would like to get for his work.

In the video below he added a new cover for a better looking of the hand and Servos and Arduino are now integrated in this 3D printed hand to make it controlled by PC. At this stage he can make this robot grab things, point and make sign.

hairygael's plan is to make a complete robot - Arf for which he has also created a left hand model. So, a lot more to expect...

3D printed Hand Robot InMoov

3D printed Hand Robot InMoov

3D printed Hand Robot InMoov

For more information check hairygael's blog here.


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