Mar.22, 2012

As we reported earlier, the ORD Bot 3D printer platform uses MakerSlide structure and linear bearing. The first build platform is 135 x 135mm, so bdring(Barton Dring) named it the Quantum ORD bot.

Quantum ORD bot is small and cute with a clean look. Quantum ORD bot can go from idea to prototype in just seven hours. bdring used Slic3r to create the G-Code and Printrun (Pronterface) to interface with the printer. Check out the first print try of Quantum ORD bot:

Since there has been a lot of interest in an ORD Bot with a bigger build area, bdring decided to build a larger Quantum, named Hadron ORD bot. It uses the MK1/MK2 heated built platform which is about 214mm x 214mm.

Both version of ORD Bot can now be reserved at the MakerSlide Store. Delivery is expected in 4-6 weeks.

A good news announced by Makezine that Makerslide will become available on Inventables starting today. Makerslide is Bdring's earlier project of a linear bearing system for home built CNC equipment which successfully raised its funding goal in Jun. 2011. It is an aluminum extrusion with two special rails for wheels to roll on. It is an easy, low cost and rapid fabrication system. If you are working on a CNC system like a 3D printer, CNC Mill, or CNC Router this MakerSlide might be the right structural support and linear motion system for you.

Below are some projects which has used MakerSlide for their system.

Motorized Camera Slider uses MakerSlide for the frame and linear bearing by Bart Dring.

MakerSlide is the linear bearing for the X and Y axes for Open Source laser, by Bart Dring.

Makerslide is the linear bearing and frame for ORD Bot 3D Printers, by Bart Dring.

ShapeOko CNC, a low cost desktop CNC machine, uses MakerSlide for both the linear bearing system and the structural members of the machine, by Edward Ford.

Makerslide is accepting pre-orders for a limited time, 30 days from now. It will ship within 45 days if at least 500 units have been purchased. Otherwise, all orders will be refunded.

Photos credit: Inventables & buildlog



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Nimol wrote at 11/7/2013 9:04:48 AM:

Wow!! so cool. I must have a 3d printer.

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