Mar.23, 2012

You might have heard of Raspberry PI, an ultra-low-cost, deck-of-cards sized Linux computer, the $35 mini PC sensation that sold out in one day and that was even hotter than Lady Gaga in terms of Internet search trends(reported by Google Trends). The first batch of Raspberry Pi Model B are sold out immediately, and most of buyers are still on the mailing list waiting for the next batch of hardware.

In the meantime, a smart guy Jacob Marsh in UK started company ModMyPi designing and manufacturing 3D printed unique and high-quality cases for the Raspberry Pi. The company consists of a group of five 3D printing and manufacturing specialists and Masters graduated Mechanical and Civil Engineers.

The ModMyPi Raspberry Pi cases have choice of five colors to mix n' match (black, white, red, green, and blue). You get also the option to mix any colors your choose. And, if you like to have your name embossed on the top, that's possible.

The cases has a split design with pinch locking. It has various air vents in the case to allow air to circulate around the unit and to keep your Raspberry Pi cool.

According to Jacob Marsh, these cases are produced using their own modified versions of the open source RepRap 3D printers, with heated beds and a smaller nozzle size. "We expect the cases to have a smooth matt finish, with the possible addition of gloss. We use ABS as materials because ABS is stronger and more rigid than many metals, easier and more flexible to work with than most plastics and cleaner and more durable than wood." said Marsh.

The cases have really a cool price: cost £7.99 ($12.70) for the black or white versions, and the other colors will cost an extra £1.99 ($3.15), plus shipping(+£1.99 UK and International shipping).

The ModMyPi Raspberry Pi cases are due to be released on April 5th 2012. All the cases will be tested on a real Raspberry Pi before they are released. "Cases will also have tolerances built in to allow for any slight variations (which are bound to occur) in the component seating on the Raspberry Pi boards. The trick is getting this tolerance so that components are seated tightly in the case which allowing for any dissimilarities." added Marsh.

"Everyone who has pre-ordered will be receiving an image of their chosen case before it is dispatched as the cases will be marginally altered from the original renders; for example a smaller hood over the USB port to reduce any chance of interference. If they aren't happy they will be given a full refund, no questions asked. We want everyone to be happy with the product they receive." said Jacob Marsh.

Though ModMyPi had opened up for pre-order but due to extraordinary demand pre-orders are now temporarily closed.

ModMyPi are currently in the process of scaling up production as the demand was a huge amount higher than they anticipated. So let's hope soon they can again accept new orders from all the wanna-have buyers.

The sweetest thing is, ModMyPi LTD has pledged to donate 5% of their profits to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. In addition, they are marketing logo stickers (which you can purchase with your order), from which all profits will go to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

In the near future ModMyPi will have more newer design, such as a front sliding case, and a case with a see through, laser cut and etchable top plate etc, so if you love it, then stay tuned!

Photo credit/source: ModMyPi


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