Mar.30, 2012

For months DIY hobbyist have been waiting for updates on Junior Veloso's resin-based 3D printer. Finally Junior Veloso has news in his blog:

...we think would make more sense to move for only a basic kit, where we would provide all documentation needed to build the Printer, as well the Resin formula and just sell the software and the controller board. The documentation would have the detail technical specification, BOM and Suppliers.

This basic kit (Document + Software + Controller Board) would be sold around $600 USD, but even for that we would need a good volume to be able to produce it.

For this reason we're creating a Pre-order list for both Kits (full and basic), so we can decide the best way to move forward.

Though there is no detailed information regarding what is included in a basic kit, but 600$ for a basic kit is for sure very attractive for the most hobbyist. And nowadays the resin is getting cheaper, recommended by Thingiverse user ScribbleJ, the resin from Bucktown Polymers is cheaper than some current PLA prices, by volume.

If you are interested in the basic kit or a complete kit(4000$) from Junior Veloso, you'd better sent him email at


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