Mar.31, 2012

GarabatiBot's English name is: DoodleBot. It is a little robot which can draw simple sketches on a whiteboard. GarabatiBot has a very simple design but it is joyful to watch how you can control its movement and draw graphics and patterns you want, thanks to its creator, Spanish Aerospace Engineering student Miguel Ángel de Fruto.

The main structure of GarabatiBot is printed in brown ABS plastic on a Makerbot 3D printer. It includes 5 different parts that you can download .stl files and print on your own 3D printer: a main body connecting all the electronics; 2 arms that connect the main body with the motors; and 2 pulleys.

The installation is not complicated. After you print these parts out and mount the structure, you can add two stepper motors and connect to power driver, an Arduino microcontroller and a small Bluetooth modem for wireless control. Tie the rope to the whiteboard corners and the two pulleys could help to keep the GarabatiBot in balance.

Now the robot is ready to do some work. Choose a color marker and insert in the "pen holder" on the main body and connect to the power. Via Bluetooth from your computer, you can use the arrow keys to control the GarabatiBot to move in any area of the whiteboard and draw the design.

Miguel has been working on getting the robot controlled by a Kinect. So instead of using arrow keys you can draw things by moving your arm. With a small servo the robot could even make dotted lines; or by adding an extra piece it would draw different colors at once.

Watch the video below:

photo credit: Miguel Ángel de Fruto

Source: madebyfrutos


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