Apr.12, 2012

How computers make sense of our environment? How can we detect the movement, position and rotation of a object by using an input device? Not long ago ReconstructMe showed an impressive video with their real-time 3D-Scanning software. With the Microsoft Kinect 3D Sensor, the Kinect for Windows SDK and their software you can shoot the object from all angles and build a 3D model in real time. This is a simplified scanning of 3D models but the results are awesome: it makes high-definiton models in a short time.

ReconstructMe is free for non-commercial use and is being developed and maintained by PROFACTOR GmbH.

Alternatively developers in Matherix 3Dify have been also trying to turn objects into 3D models with a Kinect sensor. But what they offer is not a real-time scanning. What you need to do is simple capture a video of the object and 3Dify automatically builds a 3D model of the object in just a few minutes. For example this 3D model of a man's face was from a 12 second video with a processing time of 5 minutes on an Intel Core2Duo with 2GB memory. This project is still under development.

Ever since Microsoft showed off the impressive KinectFusion demo developers at pointclouds.org have been developing a new open source implementation of KinectFusion, a simple system for 3D local mapping with an OpenNI-compatible camera. Watch below two videos showing a comparison of them:

At the moment only advanced users are free to check out the code and give it a try. News and updates can be found on pointclouds.org.

How to prepare a 3D scan to be printed straight by a 3D printer, Tony Buser has made this excellent step-by-step 23 minutes tutorial to help you.

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Ezu wrote at 9/3/2013 8:16:43 PM:

this is just one application where this wonderful sensor can be used. In my focus is the robotics applications where the Kinect sensor is used for scanning and vision. A lot of information could be found here http://www.intorobotics.com/working-with-kinect-3d-sensor-in-robotics-setup-tutorials-applications/

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