April 22, 2012

Another new and affordable 3D Printer is on Kickstarter. Named as Bukobot, this 3D printer uses new Buko framework designed by Diego Porqueras of Pasadena, CA, USA.

The Bukobots take RepRap concept of self-replicating and can be upgraded or expanded by adding longer pieces of aluminum extrusions or dual extruders, longer cables and rods or simple electronic parts. The sturdy frame and Marlin firmware would ensure accuracy and fast speeds.

The Bukobot has two build size to offer: "8" Models with 8x8x8 inches (200x200x200mm) build envelope and a smaller "Mini" Model which has a print volume of about 5x5x6 inches (125x125x150mm).

It offers the following models with Kickstarter prices (incl.US shipping):

  • Buko 8 NE (8x8x8, No Electronics): $485
  • Buko Mini Green Kit(5x5x6, use with PLA only): $750
  • Buko 8 Green Kit (8x8x8, PLA): $845
  • Buko 8 Vanilla Kit (8x8x8, complete kit): $999
  • Buko 8 Duo kit (8x8x8, Dual extruder): $1,299
  • Buko 8 Vanilla Assembled (8x8x8): $1,320
  • Buko 8 Duo kit Assembled (8x8x8, Dual extruder): $1,950

For makers this is an easy to build and solid model and have possibilities to upgrade and expand later without compromising print quality. Check it out at Buko's Kickstarter page.


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