May.6, 2012

Milwaukee-based artist Brian Cera developed the Glove One design - a cellphone prototype that you can wear on your hands. Cera wants to keep his hands free from holding the device.

The Glove One is designed and manufactured using a 3D printer, recycled electronic parts and custom-made circuits. All the digits are spread out along the fingers, and a SIM card can be inserted into a card slot at the middle of the hand. You can make a phone call by taping in the number, and it works. The speakers and microphone are installed at index and pinky fingers and it charges using a mini USB port.

Cera is working on a further refined prototype and a tutorial showing how to build the Glove One at home. He thinks in the future devices will replace our body parts - read a nice interview with Cera on Ponoko here.

Source: Dvice

Photo credit: Brian Cera

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