May 14, 2012

Today Majestic SEO introduces 'Flow Metrics', a brand new metrics based on trust and citations showing a visual representation of link profile quality.

Majestic SEO's new metrics are grouped into two categories: trust flow and citation flow. Every link to a site has a Trust flow value and a Citation flow value between 0 and 100.

Majestic SEO explains that links with high Citation flow end up more to the right and links with more Trust flow end up higher on the chart, while lower trust and citation links are found towards the bottom left corner of the graph. Of course, many links could have the same scoring, so the density and colour of the chart helps to visualize these - the area where the colours get dense look to be highly significant.

For our test we took a few top companies in 3D printing industry and compared their link profiles as of 15/05/2012:

For a better comparison, below is chart for


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Cnet wrote at 5/14/2012 10:11:04 PM:

Shapeways quality prints are terrible. well they're cheap.

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