May 26, 2012

After 3D Printing nylon, Instructables user taulman tried another experiement: 3D printing with 0.125" Dia Clear Acrylic material. He designed and built a taulman 4 orifice Hot-End as the clear acrylic material needs real time conditioning so as to make printing possible. It is also designed for being able to eliminate bubbles in the material.

taulman updated his instructable with some tips for those with existing 3D printing experience, such as:

  • A heated table is not used or required
  • Any masking tape with wax on the back will secure the part
  • Requires a Higher temp than ABS
  • 3mm material will shatter on a storage roll
  • 3mm material cost is ~ $0.20 a meter or less than a dime for 12"

Watch below a demo video of the print operation as well as some examples of parts printed in clear acrylic.

- It is obvious that the optical anomalies are caused by the lower resolution X-Y-Z positioning system. While there are almost no optical qualities, there are a few "eye catching" qualities. Even so, the results denote a need for higher resolution positioning as well as linear damping.

Thanks tom for the tip.


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