Jun.1, 2012

The Statistical Studies of Peer Production run a survey in May with the goal of gathering data and providing insights about 3D printing communities. Today Peer Production published the results.

There were totally 20 questions in the survey, and the amount of respondents was 358, and out of which 261 answered to all questions.

Survey participants were asked "Which printers (which manufacturer) have you used?" and they were given a predefined option set. Options contained 20 different manufacturers. Three options (Arcam, Blue Printer and Solidoodle) did not get any answers and have been left out of the charts, below. A few manufacturers were selected only by a few participants (1-6 times). Such companies were: Botmill, ExOne, Fortus, Makibot, Printrbot and Solidscape & Envision Tec. Those were also left out of the chart. Thus, the pie chart below depicts the most commonly used 3D printer manufacturers.

RepRap was the most common printer among the participants. RepRap is also the first printer (of the listed 'new wave' printers) that was available (since 2007). The relatively low amount of Makerbots can partly be explained with long market entry time, since Makerbot has been around since early 2009. Some of the printers have just entered or are entering the markets, such as printrbot.

Read the results from Peer Production.



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