Jun.3, 2012

The MakerBot team and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are working together to digitize the Met. This weekend Makerbot team, a group of artists and curators, digital archivists from Met team are studying, scanning, and recreating pieces from the Met's collection of art and artifacts.

To capture an artwork all they need is the camera on the phone using 123D Catch. The files uploaded to Thingiverse allows everyone in the world to download, make unique derivates and print it out on 3D printer.

Such as this copy of Marsyas is derived from a sculpture by Balthasar Permoser (German, 1651–1732 Dresden) and made by Thingiverse user GuyFromLE.

Or a marble statue of a roaring lion is turned into a lion baby and a Marsyas Lion.


Thanks to the Met, they are pretty awesome to let all these happen. Quoted from Bre Pettis of Makerbot:

I was an art teacher in Seattle Public Schools and with my students I could only get them to a museum once a year. I had a wish then that I could bring the museum into the classroom.

Little did I know that 6 years later, I would be in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with some of the best artists and designers in the world scanning art and sharing it on Thingiverse for the world to download and make. We're taking it even farther than that though.

I'm so proud of the Met. It's my town's museum and it's a brave and bold institution and it is so forward thinking that they've invited us in to scan, hack, and make things. When I started Thingiverse, I knew that I wanted the classic sculptures of the world to be in the universal library of things, but I imagined that someone would have to pull off the ultimate heist to make that happen. Instead of having to steal the art, the Met shares the future vision of MakerBot where the greatest artworks of the world are accessible to everyone and they've invited us in to make history and share the art with the world.

Source: Makerbot



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