Jun.10, 2012

Instructables user Tomdf posted his recent project, a tiny remote-controlled robot as well as a detailed step-by-step tutorial online. This USB rechargeable and programmable robot looks very much like a bug, a bug that can dance around, flash its LED eyes and play music with the tune command.

That's exactly what Tomdf wanted to make: A fun robot with a sleek look and a bit of personality. It got a cute name Pingbot as it is smaller than half a ping-pong ball, only 38 millimeters in diameter.

Tomdf designed the Pingbot using Autodesk's FREE 123D 3D modeling software. The material he used for 3D printing is the Durable Fine Plastic which is strong enough for making such a robot prototype and its minimum detail is a minute .2 mm. The completed model along with a version containing the separated components are uploaded to 123D gallery available for free viewing and downloading.

The Pingbot shell is printed through online 3D printing service, and most likely on a Objet Connex 3D printer, according to Tomdf.

Inside a 08M2 PICAXE micro-controller serves as a mind for the Pingbot. Additionally the parts needed for this project are one USB PICAXE Programming Cable, two 3904 NPN Surface Mount Transistors, two Small Pager Motors, seven resistors etc, please see the full list of tools, cleaners, solvents and parts as well as suppliers for the parts used in the Pingbot on Instructables.

In this Instructables I will share what I've learned while creating the Pingbot. Included is information about PICAXE Micro-controllers, surface mount soldering, PCB design, Autodesk's 123D 3D design software and 3D fabrication, rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries, as well as a few painting techniques.

Included are schematics, a PCB layout, PICAXE code, 123D model files and pictures of the construction process. You will also find a wealth of links to detailed information that is relevant to the project.

If you find this Pingbot sweet you could get started immediately by following the Instructables tutorial here.


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kenji wrote at 7/4/2012 6:42:03 PM:

where can i get one

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