Jun.11, 2012

Dizingof, also known as Asher Nahmias, is an Israeli designer passionate about 3D printing. He began tinkering with 3D design & 3D printing in 2009. Since then he has created numerous exciting Math Art models.

Inspired by the unique work of designer and artist Bathsheba Grossman, Dizingof uses 3D printing to convert mathematical concepts into physical objects. Recently Dizingof has been uploading his 3D models to Thingiverse for everyone free to download.

In the latest RepRap Printing Competition the Voronoi D Tower designed by Dizingof was selected to be the challenge. The task was to print a half sized & quarter resolution version of the Voronoi D Tower.

"Dizingof's Math art is a stunning collection of very hard to print, but amazing models that use mathematical algorithms to generate 3D structures. I didn't realise at the time when I selected this model for the competition that is had a particular connection to RepRap. The inventor of RepRap - Adrian Bowyer pointed out that this particular model is using 3D Voronoi structures and Adrian apart from being famous for RepRap is very famous for the Bowyer-Watson Algorithm, which is one of the standard ways of computing multidimensional Voronoi diagrams."

There are some stunning entries in the competition, especially the entry from billyzelsnack. Billy used his low cost Printxel RepRap printer and the result is very impressive.

Some other nice prints are:

Read RichRap's blog post to see all the great work.

If you like to see more of Dizingof's designs, you can find them at Ponoko, Thingiverse, Youtube & Flickr.

Below are some great examples of Dezingof's Math Art, enjoy:


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